Tales of My Shady Past

Tales of My Shady Past: The Beginning

Tales of My Shady Past

It began 22 years ago.

22 years ago this January, I started working at the good ol’ Montgomery Ward, like many, many of my female relatives.  I wish I could say that Montgomery Ward was irrelevant to this story however it played a very large part.  If not for that job at that point in my life I’m sure things would have turned out far different then they are today.

I had been working in the housewares department for a little over a week when this really good-looking guy walked past my register on the way to the electronics department.  He was all dressed up complete with a fancy tie.  As he walked by, he waved and gave me this little grimace.  How was I to know that meeting him was about to change my entire life?

We started dating about a week later.  We spent every moment we could together.  If I wasn’t at school or we both had the day off we were attached at the hip.  Even when we were working, we took our breaks together or gabbed on the phone from one department to another when we weren’t busy.

Yep.  That job changed my life.

We went back and forth for a few years.  One minute we were as happy as we could be in love only to turn around and hate each other the next.  There were moments when he made me unbelievably happy and then there were the times he made me cry uncontrollably.

About three and a half years after we met, we discovered I was pregnant.  At this time, we were back together and we were happy.  We were both excited about the baby and were elated to discover we were having a little boy.  Our little boy.  For weeks….months….we threw around names for our little man.  We had our brief….very brief moments when we agreed on a name and then I would change my mind.

With the end of my pregnancy in sight and things still going well between us I was looking forward to what the future had in store for us.  Little did I know, that was all about to change.

My uncle passed away in December of 1998.  I spent my 20th birthday at his funeral while extremely pregnant.  Just when I thought my day couldn’t get any worse. It did.  He also broke up with me.  Told me he had been seeing someone else for the last week and wanted to try to give things with her a chance.

Yes. Here I was, after my uncle’s funeral, on my 20th birthday, pregnant and now alone.

That day, I felt as though my heart had been ripped out, beaten with a sledge-hammer and the microscopic pieces were scattered everywhere.

However, I didn’t let it end that easily.  I was not about to stand there and let this break up be so easy.

So, what did I do?

I got revenge!

It started with having his car repossessed.  Yes, you heard me correctly.  That was me.  I’m the bitch that told the bank where they could find the car that he hadn’t made payments on for months.  There he sat at work as the tow truck came and hauled it away right before his very eyes. What did he do???? He had the nerve to call me and ask for a ride.  What did I do??? I told him to call his new girlfriend and ask her for a lift.

One would think that would have been revenge enough.  To me…..it wasn’t.

I had his cell phone service disconnected.

About a week later he let me know that he was now moving in with this new girl that he had now known for a month.

Be sure to stay tuned for what happened next!

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